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To be certified proficient in installing and making mechanical and fusion splices according to industry standards? Open to anyone, this 2-day, 85% hands-on program will teach the importance of high performance splicing and the points necessary to achieve these splices.

Classroom activities include training in both fusion and mechanical splicing of both single and multi mode fiber optic cables. In addition to basic splicing activities, it will be required to correctly and efficiently install spliced fibers into splice trays and trays in various enclosures and to demonstrate proficiency in interpretation of splice loss using OTDR splice traces.

Prerequisites: -

Suggested Prerequisites: CFOT Course or any other formal Fiber Optics training course within previous 6 months, or one year of Fiber Optics-related experience, especially experience with fiber preparation, termination, and testing and a thorough knowledge of fiber optic safety practices.

  • HANDS ON Commonly used method of splicing (fussion splicing)

    • Stripping fiber

    • Cleaning fiber

    • Cleaving fiber

    • Loading fiber on slicing machine

    • Run Fusion splicer program

    • Loading fiber on heat shrink

    • Managing fiber on splice tray(cassette)

    • Managing fiber in closure

    • Managing fiber in patch panels


    • Fusion Splicers

    • Visual Fault Locator

    • OTDR

    • Splice Dome and Patch Panels.

    • Pigtails and Indoor and outdoor Fiber

  • The CFOS/S exam will be on the last day of the training

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