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Fiber Optics Fundamentals (FOF)

Certified Fiber Optics Technicians (CFOT)

Certified Fiber Optics Specialist / Design (CFOS/D)

Certified Fiber Optics Specialist / Testing (CFOS/T)

Certified Fiber Optics Specialist / Splicing (CFOS/S)

Certified Fiber Optics Specialist
/ Home Fiber (CFOS/H)

Fiber Optics Valuation/ BOQ

Custom Training

Fiber Optics Project Management


The Certification at this level indicates a professional level of technical competence in Fiber-to-the-Home technologies. For those new to Home Fiber, this two-day course will provide a solid foundation on which to build towards FTTH network design, planning and management responsibilities. For experienced professionals, the CFOS/H course will ensure your familiarity with the most current information and expand your scope beyond your areas of specialization today.

Recommended Prerequisites: None. Entry level.

Students Will Learn

  • ACTIVE and PON Applications and Systems Installation of FTTH Splicing, Connectors, Closures.

  • Complete Testing FTTH from the Remote to The ONU.

  • Testing the Customer Premise to Ensure it is FTTH Capable.

  • All attendees will Build and Complete the Hands-on Portion of a FTTH System that will include

    • Splicing

    • Connectorization

    • Testing

    • Troubleshooting

Target Audience

Technicians, installers, splicers, contractors, union craftsman, facilities managers, telecom managers, electricians, and anyone involved in repairing, installing, maintaining, designing, evaluating, or provisioning ACTIVE and PASSIVE FTTH systems.


A basic understanding of telecommunications and basic fiber optic splicing, termination and testing is required prior to taking this course.


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