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Fiber Optics Fundamentals (FOF)

Certified Fiber Optics Technicians (CFOT)

Certified Fiber Optics Specialist / Design (CFOS/D)

Certified Fiber Optics Specialist / Testing (CFOS/T)

Certified Fiber Optics Specialist / Splicing (CFOS/S)

Certified Fiber Optics Specialist
/ Home Fiber (CFOS/H)

Fiber Optics Valuation/ BOQ

Custom Training

Fiber Optics Project Management


Typical Field Experience For Design Specialist Certification

To qualify for the CFOS/D certification, a CFOT plus two years of field experience are required, including documented experience designing at least 5 fiber optic networks. Training by manufacturers or vendors of cabling products will be recognized as part of the experience requirements. Experience and/or training should be documented by your CFOT logbook.


What To Expect In Training Programs For Design Specialist Certification 

To qualify for Certified Fiber Optic Specialist/Design certification, a specialist training program must cover at least the following topics: 

  • Introduction to fiber optic design

  • Overview of Fiber Optic Installations both outside plant and premises

  • Planning A Fiber Optic Network

  • Choosing components 

  • Design Review (Component compatibilities, Power budget, Environmental requirements etc.)

  • Testing And documentation

  • Estimating 

  • Writing A Project Specification and other documentation

  • Lab Exercises including case studies covering designing several networks, at least one premises and one outside plant.


Fiber Optic Network Design Considerations

  • Fiber optic applications (current and future)

  • Determining cable, hardware and equipment requirements

  • Design, installation and implementation considerations

  • Budget/loss analysis to insure correct network operation


This course is excellent for anyone involved:

  • Construction or Project Management

  • Electrical

  • Voice/Data

  • OSP including Customer-Owned OSP

  • Site or Utility Contractors

  • End User Markets

  • Education

  • Commercial

  • Industrial

  • Utility (including Telephone, CATV, FTTx, Security)


Network Design Course Content


This course provides an in-depth coverage of the major developments in wide-band, optical cross connect, and waveguide type devices that lay the foundation for next-generation networks. Students will study emerging technologies, design alternatives, configuration options, media selection criteria, key parameters affecting system performance, and the underlying theory required for total network design from initial planning to installation issues.


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